Bread Ministry

Bread Ministry

Have you ever peeked in the Fellowship Hall to see huge stacks of bread and large boxes of snacks?  Did you ever wonder where all those baked goods come from? Bimbo Bakeries donates great quantities of bread, rolls, snacks, and other bakery products to our church nearly every week. These donations have not only a substantial local impact, but reach outwardly into the greater community to multiply their effect.

At Lansdowne UMC, we distribute the food items to church and community members through our food pantry and feeding ministries. Twice a month, we provide on average 120 to 150 hot meals free of charge to the community. We not only use the bread, rolls, and desserts as components of the meals, but when available we let people select bakery products to take home with them along with their meals. This stretches the food budgets of many in our neighborhood and provides food to some who otherwise might go hungry.

The impact does not end in Lansdowne, however. We distribute these generous donations to other charities, extending the scope of their effect. Below is an alphabetical list of the charitable organizations whose patrons have benefited from the donations of bread and other bakery products (on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis):

  • Blessings in a Backpack (Howard County, MD)
  • Catonsville Emergency Assistance (Catonsville, Baltimore County, MD)
  • Columbia Community Care (Columbia, Howard County, MD)
  • Easton Neighborhood Service Center (Easton, Talbot County, MD)
  • Grace AME Church (Catonsville, Baltimore County, MD)
  • Halethorpe United Methodist Church (Halethorpe, Baltimore County, MD)
  • Hampden Family Center (Baltimore City, MD)
  • Harundale Mall Street Ministry (Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County, MD)
  • Helping Up Missions (Baltimore City, MD)
  • Indian Cultural Center of Howard County (Howard County, MD)
  • Lansdowne United Methodist Church (Lansdowne, Baltimore County, MD)
  • Open Doors Food Pantry at Mount Zion United Methodist Church (Scaggsville, Howard County, MD)
  • South West Emergency Services (Arbutus, Baltimore County, MD)
  • St. Clements Catholic Church (Lansdowne, Baltimore County, MD)
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church (New Freedom, PA)
  • St. Mark Catholic Church (Catonsville, Baltimore County, MD)
  • University of Maryland Student Food Bank (College Park, Price George’s County, MD)
  • Violetville United Methodist Church (Violetville, Baltimore County, MD)
  • Westside Men’s Shelter (Catonsville, Baltimore County, MD)

As you can see, the impact is widespread and significant! Who would have thought that a little bread could feed so many? Remind you of anything? (Hint: Read Matthew 14:13-21.)

Thank you to Bimbo Bakeries for their generous donations to the LUMC Bread Ministry and to Ernie B. for arranging for those donations. Thank you also to all those who help with this ministry by loading, transporting, unloading, organizing, distributing, packing, and delivering the bakery items. Your work is greatly appreciated!

Updated 6/4/2022