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Community Revival – August 28, 2021

Save the Date! A Community Revival is coming your way, set up by the United Methodist Churches of the South-West Baltimore area. There will be music, preaching, and a good time together outside, so bring a chair or blanket! Our theme is Sanctification and Superheroes. Pastor Dane will be one of the preachers, and he’s preaching on 🦇BATMAN🦇!

Bread Ministry

Have you ever peeked in the Fellowship Hall to see huge stacks of bread and large boxes of snacks?  Did you ever wonder where all those baked goods come from? Bimbo Bakeries donates great quantities of bread, rolls, snacks, and other bakery products to our church every couple of weeks. These donations have not only a substantial local impact, but reach outwardly into…

Farewell from Pastor Emily

Beloved, today is my final day serving as your pastor. Effective tomorrow, Pastor Dane will be your pastor and I will begin serving Galesville UMC. This means I will not be returning for worship, pastoral care, visits, funerals, weddings, baptisms, or other events unless invited by your current pastor. LUMC will forever be in my heart as my first appointment and the…

Announcements – June 20, 2021

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL!! MEAL SERVICE WEDNESDAY: We will be offering a curbside pickup meal on Wednesday, June 23 from 4-5pm. Please call Betty C. by the Monday evening prior to the meal service date to reserve your meals. PASTOR’S LEAVE: Pastor Emily will be on leave through the end of her appointment to LUMC. Pastoral coverage will be handled by several local…